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Chart Interval Options for Viewing Data

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Chart Intervals.  When a trended line chart is enabled, and depending on the date range of your report, different periodic intervals are available so you can view your data at different levels of granularity.  Previously, reports greater than a day defaulted to daily intervals and reports a day or less in length defaulted to hourly intervals.  These defaults are now enhanced and new periodic intervals can be selected.

The following table describes the new default behavior and the new periodic interval options.


Length of Report Date RangeDefault Periodic IntervalHoursDaysWeeksMonths
  1 day          Hours    X   
  2-4 days                    Days    X   X  
  5-7 days, This Week, Last Week                    Days    X  
  8-31 days, This Month, Last Month          Days    X        X 
  32-105 days                    Weeks    X     X 
  106-182 days          Weeks       X    X
  183 or more days, This Year, Last Year          Months       X    X


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