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How to install and configure the Webtrends ODBC driver

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The Webtrends ODBC Driver allows you to query Webtrends Event Databases and Report databases. For more information about using the Webtrends ODBC Driver, refer to the Webtrends Marketing Lab Programmer's Reference in the product documentation section of Customer Center.
Next Steps
1. In the Webtrends user interface, navigate to Webtrends Administration, then select Install Components > Install Webtrends ODBC Driver to launch the installation wizard.

2. Once the driver is installed, navigate to the Control Panel in Windows, then select Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).

3. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator window, select System DSN > Add, then scroll down and select WebTrends ODBC Driver.

4. Enter a name in the Data Source Name field (to identify it among the data sources), and modify the description if necessary.

5. Enter the Host/Server name (or IP address) and Port for the ODBC server.

  • For software installations: Enter the Webtrends server name or IP address and port number (default: 7099, or 443 if SSL is enabled).
  • For On Demand customers: Enter and port 80 (for secure connections, enter port 443 and checkmark the Enable SSL option).

6. Enter the Account Name (On Demand customers only), Username and Password, then click Connect.

7. Once connected, the Profile and Template drop-down fields will populate with available items. Select a profile and a template, then click Ok to save the changes and complete the configuration.

More Information

The Webtrends ODBC Driver requires .NET 2.0 to be installed on the system using the driver. To acquire .NET 2.0, please run Windows Update, or visit and search for: .NET 2.0 redistributable package.

Or click this link: 

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