KnowledgeBase - How do I configure file types on a per profile basis in Webtrends?

How do I configure file types on a per profile basis in Webtrends?

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Last modified: 1/1/2011

Page Download and Stream file types can be set for individual profiles by direct modification of the profile's .wlp file, in addition to being able to set file types globally in the user interface. A user interface setting for the per profile configuration may be available in a future release.

To add file types on a per profile basis, follow the instructions below:

1. Edit the profile you want to add the file type(s) to. Profiles have a .wlp extension and are located in the following directory:


The profile name can be determined by editing the profile in the user interface, switching to the General tab, and viewing the Profile File Name box.

2. The following items may be added to the [profile] section of the profile based on the file types you wish to control on a per profile basis:

To change Page File Types, add the following two lines to the [profile] section of the profile file. The list of items under PageTypes is the default list provided with the product. Add, remove, or modify items as needed as described in the General Notes (below).

pagetypes_useglobal = 0 PageTypes = {,0} {asa,0} {asp,0} {aspx,0} {cdx,0} {cer,0} {cfm,0} {dbm,0} {htm,0} {html,0} {htmls,0} {htp,0} {htpl,0} {htr,0} {htw,0} {ida,0} {idc,0} {idq,0} {jhtml,0} {mdl,0} {txt,0} {sht,0} {shtm,0} {shtml,0} {stm,0} {hdml,0} {wml,0} {php3,0} {ihtml,0} {sgml,0} {dhtml,0} {xml,0} {sql,0} {jsp,0} {php,0} {php4,0}

3. Save and close the file.

4. Changes made to a profile will take effect for any new data processed. To change past data, clear and reanalyze the profile.

General notes:
1. To disable the per profile setting and accept the global settings for this profile, change the "pagetype_useglobal" setting from "0" to "1". Examples: pagetypes_useglobal=0 Enables per profile page file type setting for this profile pagetypes_useglobal=1 Disables per profile page file type setting for this profile (uses global wtm_wtx.ini settings)

2. To add a file type setting, add "{zzz,0}' to the "Types= line, where "zzz" is the extension. The extension can have any number of characters.

3. To remove a file type setting, delete the "{zzz,0}" string from the "Types=" line.

4. To enable a file type to display query string information change the file type value in "{}" from "0" to "1". Examples: {asp,0} Displays no query string values for this profile {asp,1} Displays query string values for this profile.
Note: Modifying file types per profile is a feature only available for Page file types.
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