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Restricting user rights to specific profiles and reports

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Last modified: 1/1/2011

At times, a Webtrends administrator needs to allow users to have rights to specific profiles and reports, but not all profiles and/or reports in the system. This is possible, but it must emphasized that global permissions should not be granted to the user when more restricted access is preferable. Exercise caution when granting permissions, as global permissions must not be granted to a user. Permissions granted under Administration > Users apply globally. Some minor exceptions exist, such as if the user needs to export reports, which is a global permission and required to complete this action. If the user needs to be able to manually export to Database (Enterprise and Professional only), Word, CSV, or PDF formats, the global permissions can be granted to allow these actions. Furthermore, access to the use of SmartView and Shared Bookmarks must also be added globally if the user requires this functionality.

To provide rights to a specific profile, perform the steps below:

1. Edit the profile to which the user will be granted rights to view.

2. Select the Administration link in the left margin of the edit screen.

3. Locate the user that will be given rights to view reports for the profile and select the View Reports check box. The View check box will automatically be selected and greyed out. This is expected and required.

4. Select the Reports link in the left margin of the edit screen, and then select the Report Templates tab on the right. Make note of which templates are selected for this profile, and which ones the user needs to access.

5. Click on Save to save the changes to the profile.

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each profile the user will be assigned rights.

7. Under Web Analysis > Report Designer > Templates, click on the name of the first template for which the user will be assigned rights.

8. In the Edit Template screen, click on the Template Access tab.

9. Find the user that needs access to the template in the list and select the View check box for that user. Click Save.

10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for each template for which the user requires access.

11. Request the user log into Webtrends and verify that they are only able to access the reports for the profiles to which they have been given rights.

Following these instructions exactly, the user will not have rights to view the settings for the profile nor modify it in any way.

They cannot force an analysis or perform any other function than viewing the reports, and if they have been given global rights for exporting, they will be able to manually export the reports they have rights to view.
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